Fame and Fortune Awaits You!

Yes, it is true ~ Fame and Fortune Awaits ALL of Us!
But first, you must become a
You know it, we all know it and we have all experienced it at some time or another.
Yep, it’s one thing we’ve all gone through: failure. It’s part of the package deal and usually Success follows shortly after the failure. If you are not failing, you will not succeed…. you can count on that. And if you give up, you never will succeed.
It’s just the law!. Sometimes failure seems inevitable even after you’ve done your very best.
So I say “Failure, BRING IT ON!”
Enjoy watching some “Famous Failures”

The good news in all of this is that the story doesn’t end like that, at least not
to those who choose to do something about it.

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One Reply to “Fame and Fortune Awaits You!”

  1. Wow, loved the video Kris! Who would have thought Walt Disney fired for not being creative!! This is a great point tho, as long as people learn from failure and don’t give up success will be their’s for the taking.

    Hope you have a wonderful day

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